Monday, July 31, 2017

Pins & Keychains!

It's finally here! So happy to see the designs produced 😊 These are clear cut acrylic pins & keychains, also available as dust plugs for your phone/tablet, as well as phone straps. In the end I got the mermaid design made into a pin while the alpaca into a key chain, because I simply can't choose which designs I like better 😆

Took around two weeks to have the designs processed and into the printing service, but it was well with the wait! The colors are so nice and bright, I adore them all 💖

Illustration themselves were all drawn in Photoshop. Afterwards the images were flattened to reduce their size upon saving as a PSD file. Borders were then added as well as placement for the pin & circular hole for keychain.
They will be available via our Etsy, ready to find themselves a new loving home~🏠

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Printing day.

Restocking stickers & reprinting using brighter color adjustments. Afterwards is cutting & photo time. We are also offering more options from non-waterproof stickers to waterproof ones in the finishes of matte or glossy. Stickers can be found via our website at

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly Candy Figure - Neo Queen Serenit

Found this at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi supermarket and brought her home, was surprised to find that there is no candy inside! From the tilted angle you can see that there is no candy within unopened box.

Very strange considering I purchased set 1 ~ 3 before and they all included one, which is placed above the keychain figure so you will see it as soon as you open box.

No idea as to why, maybe they stopped including the candy as most custoemrs are after the figure keychain only? If anyone purchased any characters from this set (Sailor V, Helios, Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibimoon) I’m interested to hear whether your box included a candy or not! :)