Thursday, March 31, 2016


Got a Patreon after a friend’s recommendation :) Click on the link to go check out my page! Everything is set up but I’m still trying to figure out how everything works there!

There will be WIPs of current projects, tips on how I draw/color my work, first glace at finished works in high res., exclusive discount codes for my Etsy & Storenvy shop, and giveaways!

I will still post on tumblr very regularly though! Can’t leave tumblr because I love it so much<3

Thanks for checking it out & every support means a whole lot! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

 My husband bought me the perfect gift for our first year anniversary! <3 This polymer clay figurine based on the character I designed.

 The level of detail is just amazing, especially the dragon design on the dress. It is literally the exact replica of the drawing I made :)

Good thing my husband kept the information of the artist's instagram. So I'm going to check it out today and maybe get an additional figurine commissioned!