Sunday, March 29, 2015

Found a bunch of Sailor Moon merchandise being sold all around. This one otaku shop just outside the metro have anything and everything anime/manga related items from Japan. Depending on what the item is prices can be high or very reasonable. On the second floor I saw a box of Sailor Moon Crystal fuku charms! There were only two bags left! Craziness. 

There were also Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, Mars & Mercury transformation pen gashapons. On the lower left there is a glass cup with Luna-P print on it. Not sure of the name though!

Besides SM related merchandise there are many gashapon machines at $2.00 usd per capsule.

And many other manga/anime figures, toys, Yugioh Cards, etc.

Second place I saw SM merchandise is at Takashimaya. There were two sets of part 3 keychains featuring Super Sailor Moon, Chibimoon, Tuxedo Mask, Saturn, and Pluto. The set of 5 is around $20 - $22.

Also there is this... The Moon Stick... at a whopping $4400 NTD... around $120 - $130 USD! Any toys from toy shops inside shopping centers are expensive, so I'm going to look online where you can buy Moon Stick for half the price at around $60 - $80 USD.

Also I thought I saw an old gashapon of Usagi with ice cream figure but didn't take a picture of her as I was in a hurry. The place gets vastly crowded with children during weekends. Think I'll go back and bring her home tomorrow :)

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