Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sailor Moon Star Locket - Pink Version

Alas I was able to find this rare Star Locket available here! They come in a limited stock so I instantly bought two and opened one for review :)

Purchase price: around $60 USD each.

Gold sticker - imported from Japan


The Star Locket is absolutely beautiful~ I never got to have one when I was a kid and now as they were rather expensive even back in the 90's, but now I'm super happy that I can finally afford my own!

Took a small video clip of the SM Opening it plays :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Found a bunch of Sailor Moon merchandise being sold all around. This one otaku shop just outside the metro have anything and everything anime/manga related items from Japan. Depending on what the item is prices can be high or very reasonable. On the second floor I saw a box of Sailor Moon Crystal fuku charms! There were only two bags left! Craziness. 

There were also Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, Mars & Mercury transformation pen gashapons. On the lower left there is a glass cup with Luna-P print on it. Not sure of the name though!

Besides SM related merchandise there are many gashapon machines at $2.00 usd per capsule.

And many other manga/anime figures, toys, Yugioh Cards, etc.

Second place I saw SM merchandise is at Takashimaya. There were two sets of part 3 keychains featuring Super Sailor Moon, Chibimoon, Tuxedo Mask, Saturn, and Pluto. The set of 5 is around $20 - $22.

Also there is this... The Moon Stick... at a whopping $4400 NTD... around $120 - $130 USD! Any toys from toy shops inside shopping centers are expensive, so I'm going to look online where you can buy Moon Stick for half the price at around $60 - $80 USD.

Also I thought I saw an old gashapon of Usagi with ice cream figure but didn't take a picture of her as I was in a hurry. The place gets vastly crowded with children during weekends. Think I'll go back and bring her home tomorrow :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Testing out my newly printed stickers - glossy and water-resistant. But they are still not meant to be submerged entirely under water, or place on water gears!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Luna, Artemis, Diana Pinback Buttons!



 Made some new pin badges this weekend! For a long time I only have stickers available for these cats. Now they're available as round 1.75" buttons as well :D

Available on Etsy // Storenvy

Thursday, March 5, 2015

BeagleCakes Art & Illustration - Zazzle shop now open!

Set up a store now at Zazzle! Now customers from the U.S. will no longer need to wait for long international delivery time when purchasing from my Etsy & Storenvy shop, along with having to paying for international postage!
There are also many products in my Zazzle shop that are not available on Etsy and Storenvy :) I will be adding more products over time!