Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disney character gashapon/ figures!

Just love, loooveee these Disney figures from Japan. The details are amazing and it's so different from the toy figures you see selling at the U.S. toy stores or even in the Disney store.


  1. Hi!

    I have been looking everywhere for the metallic like 4 disney princess that I see on the top of the pile in the first picture there! My brother has one and has no idea where he got it and I love it! Where can I find more?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hello. For the mini princess figures I bought it off Yahoo Japan using a deputy service: Shopping Mall Japan. From what I read in the listing description the figures are only available in Japan and were prize items that were given to purchases.

      If you use a deputy service you can bid and order anything, not just only Yahoo! Japan. this specific service that I use allows you to purchase from other online shops in Japan, as well as shops from Taiwan.