Thursday, September 18, 2014

Painting acrylic on wood.

So while working on these keychains I took some pictures for my own reference and decided to share on how I paint :)

Basically I start off with a pencil sketch (this particular project is acrylic on wood). Once I have the sketch I want, before I color I use a kneaded eraser to wipe off the excess lead from the sketch just so when I start to color with acrylic it will be easier for me to cover the pencil lines with just a couple of layers instead of many.

I like to start off using the lightest color then gradually add my darker colors and shades after so they can be easily blended together. First I painted the unicorn white, then added some light cerulean blue color on the tips of her wings, which is blended with the base white color.

After that comes the cobalt blue and lavender to pink shades for her hair and tail :) Once the larger painted surface are all finished I go on to work on the little details like the eyes, sparkles on her hair, then some pale pink cheek and outline around the unicorn. I then let it sit out in open air for about half a day or so before I add the final varnish (clear glaze that keeps the acrylic colors together and prevent the keychain to chip and damaged when submerged in water).

And voila! Once the varnish dries it's finished!

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