Thursday, September 19, 2013

List of things what I hate about where I live.

- Traffic: too many young punks drive like aggressive idiots or become angry drunks.
- Too crowded.
- Dirty and unsanitary pedestrian walkways: betel nut spit is fucking disgusting.
- Disgusting cockroaches & spiders
- Many people mistreat animals, especially cats and dogs.
- Humid and hot. This combination is very gross.
- Unsanitary foods. The hygiene level is very low. - diarrhea once every two weeks.
- Moped riders will use what pavements there are to ride on. They do not obey any rules of the road and will not hesitate to run you over.
- 1 in 2 smoke. All you inhale is second hand smoke.
- Road design and layout is criminally bad.
- Mosquitoes and bug bites - unknown rashes due to humidity.

- Sales person stares are you and tries to push you into buying things and you can never look around the store in peace.
- Materialistic - smart phones and pads are fab.
- There is no such thing as health and safety in any working environment.
- Buses and metro let as many people cram into it as possible. No safety issues at all.

- Most people are unfriendly and selfish. They walk in a straight path and will not take even a small step aside or walk around for the old and young. They expects you to make way for them.

Will post more later.