Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sailor Moon SHFiguarts - Bandai Asia Version

So I got the Bandai Asia SM figure today. There are some differences between the Bandai Asia and Bandai Japan.

The license sticker on the front of the box is pretty noticeable. The Bandai Asia license sticker is silver and green, whereas the Bandai Japan sticker is in gold and black.

Another thing is the white sticker on the back of the Bandai Asia box. The white sticker contains information about the product- the name, material, warning signs, etc. 

At the bottom of the box are two more stickers of the licensed corporation. That's a lot of stickers...

Not sure if there are any differences about the inside contents since I put it away in storage, but I heard that some people say the figures with less manufacture's defects goes to the sales in Japan- well, the better batch I suppose. And the rest goes to Hong Kong. Who knows? Some people prefer the Japan version all the way, others don't mind which one they get.  It all depends on what you want! :)

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