Friday, August 2, 2013

Inuyasha - Sango Figure

It has arrived~ ^^ Shipping from Japan to here is fast~ only takes one day! It's amazinggg~

I've been wanting this Sango figure for a long time but can never find one at an agreeable price (the ebay prices are exorbitant!). I purchased this for 1100 JPY (around $10 - $12 ish USD).

It's still in factory-sealed shape :3 I'm actually surprised that the Sango figure is worth around 1200 ish JPY.. Same thing for Miroku and Kagome figures. ( And ebay sells them for like $50+!) The Inuyasha & Sesshomaru figures were worth much more though- auctions went up to 4000+ & 7000+ for them. 

The box for these Japanese versions are hard cardboard, unlike the U.S version where it's basically a piece of construction paper = =;; 

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