Monday, July 8, 2013

Sailor Moon Necklace Charms (Unofficial)

It has arrived~ I've been wanting this for quite some time now and finally I found a listing at a reasonable price xD I got this for $9.00 USD including shipping & handling-- about half the price that you see on anywhere else like Ebay or other online stores.

These are unofficial (ie bootleg) and are made in China.

The box is at 11 inches- bigger than the boxes for the unofficial brooch necklaces. The lower left corner of the box spelled Tsukino Usagi's name incorrectly. And the image of the five looks redrawn... in a not so great way. Sailor Moon is missing her two red odango's on her hair. Their mouth's position looks a little awkward too~

 There are 8 charms inside, plus a gold chain. Not real gold, of course XD I really like Mars' transformation pen for S and SuperS season~ wish they have the other senshi's as well.

Each measures a little over 2 inch long.

I don't particular like Chibimoon's charm. The pink heart looks like they were trying to make it have a crystal-like effect- like the actual Chibimoon RPG Pink Sugar Heart Wand. It didn't turn out to well... They could've placed a pink crystal like the Silver Crystal seen on the Moon Wand... Maybe that would be to much work compared to pouring the mold?

Overall I really like them~ and they were worth the $9.00 price :) Personally I wouldn't recommend getting the price over $12 though, but that is just my opinion.


  1. Hi there! This is a fabulous post! I was wondering if you know who all the wands belong to? I know the crescent moon is a Sailor Moon wand and then the pink heart is the Chibi Moon wand, I think the blue one is Neptune's and sword might be Uranus'? If you know, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you! Jaclyn c:

    1. I'm not exactly sure myself; I only know that the sword and mirror belongs to Uranus and Neptune. pink heart is Chibimoon's wand, the other heart wand with the bow belongs to Sailor Moon, along with the Cresent Moon Wand and the Kaleidoscope Wand. The red wand with the two handles is a transformation wand for Sailor Mars.