Tuesday, July 9, 2013

. . . . .

Very very angry right now.

Took my laptop to fix two weeks ago because the fan is acting up again. Went to pick up today and only about 30 minutes after I got home and turn it on the CPU goes up to 100%, the fan runs like crazzzzyyyy and I can't connect to wireless internet while all the other laptops can. THEN the laptop decided to shut itself down due to overheating.

So after 20 minutes I gave it another shot, same thing happened. Soon the fan got even worse and by now I can't even turn it out. It runs for a few minutes and then shuts itself down- then show the ''blue screen of death''.

UGH. SO. ANGRY. RIGHT. NOW. I paid $100 USD to get the fan replaced!

Now I have to go back tomorrow to see what the problem is! Ugh, I'm never going to get this fixed!

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